Sport Instant Cooling Towel
Sport Instant Cooling Towel

Sport Instant Cooling Towel

 Instant Cooling Towel  Ice Cold Enduring Running Jogging Gym Chilly Pad Instant Chill Cooling Towel Sports


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  • Machine washable and reusable
  • Size without stretching (L x W): Approx 90*33cm
  • Colorful design, unique and full of personality
  • Make you feel cool and comfortable for several hours when you do outdoor sports,      say goodbye to the hot summer
  • Ideal for all outdoor activities, such as cycling, golf, camping, climbing, fishing,  hunting, hiking, Jogging, etc
  • Can be also used in high temperature work, such as construction sites, driving,  welding, painting, and various industrial  fields Can be even used as a first aid application like migraines, fevers, bee stings, sprains, etc
How to use:
  1.    Please soak it in cold water.
  2.    The towel will absorb to save the water.
  3.    Then, you can maintain the cold temperature as long time.
  4.    If the towel become loses coolness, please soak it in cold water again.

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